63k was created by two passionate and driven individuals, with different backgrounds, but the same passion for flip flops and creating something unique in the market.

Rita Tenreiro from Sao Joao da Madeira, whose claim to fame began by making hats. However, over the following decades, hats became to decline and Sao Joao da Maderia began growing into their now renowned title of ‚ÄúCapital of Footwear”.

Well connected to the city, as the footwear capital grew Rita wanted to use her skills and experience to deliver something unique to the market. Using her contacts, Rita sought out to put herself and co-founder Jaco in touch with the right people to hand craft fantastic footwear.

Jaco Liebenberg, from South Africa, found himself wearing flip flops at any opportunity. However, Jaco soon realised there was a gap in the market for durable and stylish flip flops

Jaco noticed how his feet continued to get sore and that there was a lack of support to the feet, no matter which brand he tried or the price he paid.

Through this 63k was born. With the flip flops being made in Portugal, by a small independent 3rd generation shoemaker, but with a South African inspiration. The two cultures came together to adapt and create something both durable yet stylish.

Alongside footwear, Jaco and Rita also design and hand craft individual and unique wine racks, bars and display boxes. Both Jaco and Rita’s passion for a good wine, port, brandy and whiskey inspired the designs of the classic cases, adding a touch of vintage to any home.

One of the first bars built by Jaco was with a floor joist reclaimed from the Bon Marche building on which he worked. All of the wine racks and cases are personally crafted by Jaco, made with 1930s apple crates, making each piece unique.

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